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Add this page to your iPad

To add this site, go up to your iPad menu bar, and touch the “Add Bookmark” button. Then select “Add to Home Screen” You now have the latest site easily accessible from your iPad, and will be able to instantly access all future updates to the site.

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How much will it cost to have an iPad website optimized?

Simply – it all depends! Really, the cost of an iPad optimized website varies depending on the site and complexity. A small web site with just two to three static pages could be developed and hosted for two years for well less than $1,000. A full website with a large number of pages and a […]

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View this iPad-optimized web site on your home or laptop computer

If you were browsing on an iPad, you’d already be exploring our enhanced site! If you want to see what our iPad enhanced site looks like from your laptop or desktop – that is now possible! Follow the directions below to make a temporary tweak to your browser, and you can see this enhancement as […]

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